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About Lessons

Piano lessons ~ Theory lessons ~ Young children to Adults ~ Beginners to Post Grade 8 ~ Joyful, creative, fun ~ patient, calm and friendly ~ guided with sensitivity and awareness ~ Student led ~ 100% pass rate in music exams with vast majority achieving merits and distinctions


I offer piano lessons and theory lessons to all ages and all abilities, from young children and adult beginners to post Grade 8 teenagers and adults in Bristol.


What would you like to have happen on this musical adventure? What would inspire you?

  • Learn music of the great composers
  • Play pop, jazz, improvise
  • Take music exams
  • Understand music theory
  • Advanced technique, sight-reading skills, musicality
Blackberry Hill Studio Music Room
Blackberry Hill Studio Music Room

Every person’s musical journey is very unique and I guide you and your preferences with awareness and sensitivity. Learning piano and teaching piano is such a joy for me. I offer a nurturing and nourishing space to learn in, a well-resourced music space, learning on a lovely Yamaha piano. My nature is calm, friendly and patient. I bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to the learning process and a depth of quality to my teaching that will help you learn to the level that you wish to.


It’s possible you or your child will have some of your most joyful and satisfying experiences learning to play and it’s equally possible you might meet challenges and experience moments of frustration. I aim to help you engage and welcome all of those experiences as you explore this potentially lifelong musical journey.


I would love to support you on your learning journey.


Lessons for Young Children


A joyful, fun and playful start to the piano.


I offer a joyful, positive and well-rounded first learning experience of the piano to children. My manner is gentle, friendly and playful. Involving fun games, resources and talking mice, I make the piano accessible and enjoyable, the environment is supportive and nourishing. As a former Primary School Teacher, I bring these skills and a rich understanding of the learning process to enrich and help children’s musical learning through the use of games, fun tools and a clear, creative approach. With the guidance of a book, we explore getting to know the instrument, finding their way around whilst developing aural/listening skills, learning how to read music and express themselves using the instrument.


The Talking Mice
The Talking Mice

What I need from you...


…To get the most from your lessons


When learning an instrument, it requires a level of commitment from you / your child.


To get the most from your lessons, you will need:

  • A piano – a decent electric piano is fine but an acoustic is preferable (electric pianos can be limiting).
  • Regular Piano Practice – A willingness and commitment to build this into you or your child’s schedule is essential for progression. From observation, my student’s happiness levels are higher in lessons when they put practice time in at home.
  • Parental support for young children to help build practice into their days initially until they are able to do this independently.