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Joe, age 10

"I started learning the piano with Bryony four years ago at the age of 49, as a complete beginner. I'm not interested in passing exams, just in taking pleasure from learning an instrument, and Bryony understood and accommodated that wish from the beginning. She has been a wonderfully patient teacher, who is a lot of fun to be with but also has a commitment to excellence that keeps me on my toes (and fingers). In short, I enjoy her lessons a great deal, and as a result of them I also enjoy playing."


Cathy, adult learner

"My three children love learning with Bryony. She’s a very patient, kind and intuitive teacher and is exceptionally good at fitting her teaching style to suit each child’s personality. All three of them have improved their piano playing in leaps and bounds and it’s a real pleasure to see their enjoyment at mastering new pieces each week."


Kristy, mum of Charlie, Oli and Sophie

"Bryony is a great piano teacher who has helped me improve a lot on my piano skills.  She is supportive and encourages us to keep going and learn pieces well and helps me enjoy playing piano." 


Alex, age 12

"Bryony is a very patient and encouraging teacher.  She is very friendly and has helped me to improve as a piano player.  She is good at understanding my strengths and weaknesses and because of this has a good idea of the sort of pieces I like to play and what will need the most work come exam time."


Marianne, age 14

"Under Bryony's tutorage, my piano playing blossomed. She makes the lessons fun and tailors her skills to your needs. So, as an adult learner, I didn't want to worry about grades, I just wanted to have fun and learn some great tunes. Bryony was happy to oblige! She taught me piano was about more than just music - it was about relaxing, turning off the busy part of my mind and tuning into the creative part. Bryony is an incredible piano player herself (I'd sometimes just make her play me something to dazzle me) but she's patient and accepting of a novice like me. I couldn't have asked for a better guide, my only regret is leaving the area as I fear my piano playing will suffer without Bryony on hand to inspire me!"


Kim, adult learner